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Isticmaalka cajaladda la ballaadhiyey ee PTFE

Waqtiga: 2020-10-26 Hits: 8

Tani expanded PTFE tape  has various widths and thicknesses, is fast and easy to form, does not need to be pre-cut, and is suitable for various types of flange seals. It is convenient to install and replace. The seal is equipped with adhesive to make it easy and quick to install, even if it is slightly on the surface It is no exception in the case of oil stains. When installing, tear off the adhesive, stick it on the flange, and cut it on site according to the required length, which will not cause material waste. If a full-plane seal is required, after attaching the ribbon sealing strip, punch out the bolt hole at the corresponding position with a punch or other sharp tool. When replacing, the gasket can usually be completely torn off from the flange, leaving no residue and adhesion.