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PTFE Thread Seal Tape,1/2" width, 0.075mm thickness, 10.5m Length with 0.28g/cm3 density

﹡ Werna putih
﹡ 10.5m long, 1/2" wide, and 0.075mm   thick 
Rentang suhu operasi -190 nganti +370 deg.C
﹡Low density(economical tape)

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PTFE Sealant tape is 1/2" width, 0.075mm thickness and 10.5m length 

The white PTFE sealant tape is suitable use in wrapping threads to create air and water tight pipe connections (not including gas pipe), such as in water piping or air supply 

No.PropertyIndeks TeknisResult
1Resistensi Panas+370 deg.Cpass
2Resistensi Kadhemen-190 deg.Cpass
3Resistensi Tekanan (Tekanan Banyu)16Mpapass
4Kekuwatan Tensile8Mpapass
6Range PH0 ~ 14pass