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The service life of the sealing ring

Time: 2021-12-24 Hits: 20

There are many relationships that affect the seal, such as uneven force, and compression permanent. According to the method of installing the sealing ring, the installation of different ways such as flat concave-convex grooves are 

different, which is likely to cause uneven force and deviation of the center of force.

If one side is heavy and the other is light, it is the permanent deformation of compression caused by the long-term backlog of force, which is more serious. When the sealing ring is removed again, it may have been deformed. When

installing the sealing ring, it is necessary to control the balance and the uniform integration of the force.

There are also many reasons: some silicone products have different service life according to different external environments and properties, working pressures, etc.; another is that according to the different resilience of the material, 

there are many reasons that may cause sealing. The life of the circle becomes smaller.