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The features of FEP Encapsulated O-Ring

Time: 2020-12-01 Hits: 79

The FEP Encapsulated O-Ring is a seamless fluorinated ethylene propylene shell composed of a synthetic rubber inner ring and a layer of inner ring, which is similar to PTFE O-rings, and is used for those conventional synthetic rubber rings. The applicable field synthetic rubber inner ring that needs chemical resistance provides the elasticity required for this type of sealing ring, while the seamless fluorinated ethylene propylene rubber shell makes it chemical resistant. Advantages: Good chemical resistance, suitable for sealing most liquids and chemical substances except for liquid alkali metals and certain fluorine compounds; Applicable temperature range: about -60 ~ 200 ℃ (depending on the material of the inner ring); can be used for food without damage, and can be disinfected with low friction, no sticking or sticking; It has sufficient elasticity and good sealing performance.